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Monday, July 20, 2020

English Speaking and learning

English Learning Day 1

How to talk with elders, relatives and friends

in morning ( till 12 PM)
Good morning , Grandpa !
Good morning , Dad !
Good morning , Sir !

after 12 PM to 5 PM
Good afternoon , Grandma !
Good afternoon , Mummy !
Good afternoon ,Dear !

after 5 PM
Good evening , Uncle !
Good evening , Dear !

in Night
Good night, Dear !

any time in a day
Good day to you , sir !

Informal greeting
Hi Pramod !
Hello Uncle !
Hello Ram !

when anyone is leaving
Goodbye, children !
Bye,Bye !

Monday, November 5, 2018

Programming in ANSI C

About the book
This seventh edition is thoroughly updated with outcome based learning approach as per standard Bloom’s Taxonomy. The new additions are important contents like “Graphic programming using C. Self-explanatory interactive simulation videos and case studies are integrated throughout the book using QR codes. Additional write-ups and projects are also available for reference of the user. Salient features: • Digital Supplements/ Virtual Exercise's embedded through QR Codes • The text content updated with ‘outcome based learning approach’ based on “Bloom’s Taxonomy” • Ample programming codes with comments throughout the book

About the Author E. Balagurusamy, Chairman, EBG Foundation, Coimbatore.

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Object-Oriented Programming with C++

About the book
The book aims at providing an all-round enrichment of knowledge in the area of object-oriented programming with C++ as the implementation of language. The author has used simple language to explain critical concepts of object-oriented programming and for better understanding of the readers. The same concepts have been implemented in solved examples using C++ programming language. Retaining is original style of lucid writing, the books has ample solved examples, programming exercises and new practice questions. This revised edition has new projects and incorporates a couple of new elements like Learning Objectives and Limitations. The topic on Polymorphism has been revised and expanded for better understanding.

About the Author

E Balagurusamy, Chairman-EBG Foundation Coimbatore, President- Coimbatore Academy of Sciences.

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Review of book